DisseminationNetworking session @ICT 2018 | TERRINet

6 December 2018

ICT 2018 took place in Vienna on 4-6 December 2018. This research and innovation event attracted 4800 visitors and focused on the European Union’s priorities in the digital transformation of society and industry. It presented an opportunity for the people involved in this transformation to share their experience and vision of Europe in the digital age.

During this event was hosted, among the Networking Programme, the parallel session “Science-grounded Robotics: the TERRINet and RoboCom++ European Projects“.

The synergistic and virtuous interaction of the two European projects FLAG-ERA RoboCom++ and TERRINet aims at exploring the grand challenges of sciencegrounded Robotics and offering the top quality infrastructures and excellent research services in order to set up the frame of a Future FET Flagship initiative on Robotics.

RoboCom++ Project is gathering the community and organising the knowledge necessary to rethink the design principles and fabrication technologies of future robots, by fostering a deeply multidisciplinary, transnational and federated effort.
TERRINet Project is committed to grow and educate a new generation of researchers in Robotics able to design and manage future robots.

The proposed Networking Session aimed:

  • to present research services, access opportunities and the high-level training offered by the TERRINet Robotics Research Infrastructure Network;
  • to grow the visibility of the RoboCom++ Community as a reference point for robotic research and development in Europe and worldwide;
  • to present the Working Groups of the RoboCom++ Community.

The networking session was divided into two parts: after a first speech corners in which the two projects and relative opportunities briefly were presented to the audience, two brainstorming sessions run in parallel in a more dynamic and interactive way.