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Assistance for startup creation

  • IIT has a Technology Transfer Office (TTO) which helps researchers to perfection their startup idea, evaluate the business plan, creates contacts and opportunities for funding (VCs, seed, etc.).
  • The TTO can also provide legal advice and can help to elaborate on the best strategy (market, financing, technological, etc.).
  • IIT has established (for internal startups/researchers) a “de-risking” fund (for a total of 5M euros) to support researchers in increasing the TRL of their prototypes with the aim of increasing attractiveness of funding.

Preparation, advice, and submission of patents

  • Part of the TTO is fully dedicated to patenting. This includes all stages of the preparation of patent filing (which is eventually executed through a specialized firm).
  • IIT normally analyzes the ideas before any action is taken.
  • A periodic evaluation of active patents is carried out (on a yearly basis) to decide whether to renew any given patent depending on consideration of potential marketability.
  • IIT does not provide patent survey services.

Industrial outreach

  • IIT can organize advertisement at any possible occasion. Normally IIT researchers attend all robotics related conferences and some industry fairs.
  • IIT is now a partner of the local “Digital Innovation Hub” in the region, which is a good means to reach industry.