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Assistance for startup creation

The KIT is a magnet for people interested in founding a company, founders and contact persons from the start-up scene in general. In particular, KIT supports start-up projects of students, employees, and alumni of KIT with a variety of offers and services, such as financial support through public and private funds and the scaling of the idea to a successful company. The integration of selected network partners and investors in the areas of qualification, mentoring and growth financing is another focus of the work. In selected cases, KIT is also involved as a partner in its technology-based spin-offs.

KIT offers the following services:

  • The Technology Transfer service of the KIT innovation and relation management (IRM) helps to bridge the gap between company partners and research:
    • The offers for companies are primarily concerned with access to current research results and support in the transfer process from identification and mediation to the conclusion of the contract.
    • For KIT employees, this internal service is responsible for consulting and process support from the initial idea and its patent protection through to commercialization, addressing potential industrial partners and its own project and financing options.
  • The KIT belongs to important regional, national and international networks dealing with research exploitation and entrepreneurial culture promotion issues
  • Start-up “Gr√ľnderschmiede” including consultations, lectures and coachings, mentor programs and financial support
  • Links to important regional strategic partners

Preparation, advice, and submission of patents

The Technology Transfer service offers consulting services with focus on legal patent protection

Industrial outreach

From initial contact to strategic partnership – KIT offers a broad spectrum of cooperation opportunities for business partners. It includes joint research, teaching and innovation, sponsoring partnerships at events, supporting companies in their search for employees or cooperation as sponsors of KIT, internationalization, recruiting and university marketing or joint engagement with regard to socially relevant aspects. The Industry Relations department coordinates and channels the offers and sees itself as an information and contact hub between industry and science.

KIT currently has a strategic partnership with the following companies:

  • ABB
  • BASF
  • SAP