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Assistance for startup creation

  • Toulouse Tech Transfer, https://www.toulouse-tech-transfer.com/en/, the TTO of CNRS in Toulouse has a specific service dedicated to assistance and coaching related to the creation of startups.
  • The Contracts and Partnership service of LAAS headed by Laurent Perez is also able to give first advice to any LAAS’ agent who wants to create a spin-off.
  • Specific courses are organized by CNRS, LAAS, and Toulouse Tech Transfer to promote and assist each category of personnel (Ph.D. Student, permanent researcher, Engineer, …) on startup creation matters.

Preparation, advice, and submission of patents

  • First advice about patents is given by internal resources at LAAS in the Contracts and Partnership service. Toulouse Tech Transfer, TTO of CNRS at Toulouse has in charge to prepare, advice and submit patent own only by CNRS for LAAS. In the case of patent co-owned with an industrial partner, the Industrial partner will be able to take this task in charge if wanted.

Industrial outreach