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Assistance for startup creation

  • UPC has a section dedicated to innovation that includes startup creation and patents. https://www.upc.edu/en/r-d-i/innovation
  • Entrepreneur space: https://www.upc.edu/emprenupc/en
  • The Entrepreneurship Space Emprèn UPC is a space for students and recent graduates (< 2 years) who have a business idea and need a place to make it real. At the Entrepreneurship Space Emprèn UPC they will be able to develop it in its initial phases, receiving training and personal advice.
  • Emprèn UPC, to which you can access with the UPC student card all year round, takes up a surface of more than 500m2 and has workspaces for groups from two to six people. It includes a meeting room that can hold up to nine people, areas habilitated for networking and a shared resources area. The Space Emprèn, which also integrates a storage room and a service room (kitchen and dining room), is equipped with 30 lockers and Wi-Fi.
  • It is foreseen that the period of occupancy of the workspaces will be of a maximum of a year.
  • The Entrepreneurship Space Emprèn UPC is a project brought to you with the collaboration of Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona Activa).

Preparation, advice, and submission of patents

  • UPC provides the following service regarding patents:
    Teaching and Research Staff
    -Advice on the protection of the results of the research
    -Determination of the type of protection, geographical scope, etc.
    -Advice to establish the most suitable strategy to follow with each one of the results of the research
    -Management of the UPC patent portfolio:
    1.Registration and processing
    2.Tracking of applications and patents
    3.International extensions (PCT, EP, US, …)
    -Valuation of the UPC patent portfolio
    -Promote culture of protection in the area of ​​research
    1.Conferences on patents by researchers
    2.Training in aspects related to industrial and intellectual property
    -Help researchers to export the protected results of research to the industrial environment, contacting companies, creating synergies with agents that facilitate this transfer.
    -Negotiate and manage licenses that allow you to obtain a return of the protected results.
    -Measure the patentability of the inventions that arrive at the office, through the analysis of searches in specialized BBDD.
  • Companies
    Access to the catalog of UPC technologies: Technology Offers
  • Students
    The Espai d’Emprenedoria Emprende UPC a space aimed at students or recent graduates who have a business idea and need a space where they can make it happen. In the UPC Emprèn Space they will be able to develop it in initial phases receiving training and advice: Emprèn UPC http://www.upc.edu/emprenupc/ca

Industrial outreach

  • UPC has a specific section CIT UPC dedicated to the relations between Academy and Industry looking for Technology Transfer. http://cit.upc.edu/en
  • They participate in the European Project “Science 2 Society” about Best Practices for Open Innovation. They give support to the UPC students, predocs and postdocs. They want to programme in their activities a visit for foreign visitors to show what the UPC is.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 730994


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