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Assistance for startup creation

USE has some events/competitions that promote entrepreneurship:

  • Annual business ideas competition by STCE (Secretariado de Transferencia del Conocimiento y el Emprendimiento): In collaboration with the CEI Andalusia TECH, the University of Seville seeks social innovation, talent attraction, and knowledge transfer, with a clear commitment to entrepreneurship. Andalucía TECH, also, is part of the California-Spain Campus project, thanks to which some of the award-winning entrepreneurs will be able to enjoy a stay at the University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley).
    This call is addressed to all entrepreneurs of the university community who propose an innovative business idea, fruit of the academic activity developed in the institution. These ideas must be the basis of a business project to be developed in the medium term. http://stce.us.es/web/es/HTML/EBC/EBC-aptdo4.php
  • Ideas Factory: IdeasFactory is an event organized by IF Open Innovation s.l in agreement with the local university and thanks to the collaboration of different entities and administrations.
    Its objective is to become a personal learning environment in which to work the culture of open innovation and the hybridization of knowledge and entrepreneurship.
    Any entrepreneur with a maximum age of 28 years who is studying first or second cycle, degree or postgraduate of the host university of the event, will be able to incur in the call. http://www.ideasfactory.es/
  • Premio Andaluces de Emprendimiento (Andalusian entrepreneurship awards): This contest, sponsored by the Junta de Andalucía, is aimed at Andalusian university students of any degree, master or doctorate degree, both official and own and graduates who have completed their studies, with desire to undertake who want to have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability, creativity and enthusiasm to develop their idea in a real project. https://premiosinnovacionytransformacion2017.fundecor.es/

Preparation, advice, and submission of patents

USE provides ways to make a patent for employees or students:

  • Presentation of the application, which will contain an instance addressed to the director of the OEPM (Spanish Patent and Trademark Office), a description of the invention, one or several claims, drawings and a summary. The date these documents are presented is considered the DATE OF SUBMISSION of the application. This is important as it marks the beginning of the priority period and marks the period until the novelty is demanded.
  • Examination of the patent application, in two areas:
    1. Formal examination: verification that the data of the instance, memories in triplicate on paper of A4 format, that are typed and printed, that each document starts on a new sheet, margins, numbering of lines, etc.
    2. Technical examination: verification of description, claims, summary, and drawings that the object of the application is patentable and does not incur in prohibitions.
  • Report on the State of the Technique (EIT), upon request by the patent owner, whereby the SPTO proceeds to study the novelty and inventive step of the invention that is the subject of the application.

The EIT request must be made in writing within 15 months of the date of submission.

  • Publication of the application and the EIT, once the EIT has been prepared, the OEPM will announce in the Official Release of Industrial Property (BOPI) the publication of it. The law requires that the publication of any request must be made before 18 months of the date of presentation.
  • Observation of third parties, two-month period for any person to make duly reasoned and documented observations to the EIT. This term begins to be counted from the date of publication in the BOPI.
  • Reply to third-party observations, new period of two months, following the third-party observations period, by which the holder can submit the observations he considers pertinent to the EIT, as well as the comments submitted by third parties and submit the changes to the claims.
  • Resolution of the file, once the previous term has expired, the OEPM proceeds to the granting of the requested patent, with an announcement in the BOPI, making the patent document together with the EIT and all the observations and comments concerning the report available to the public
    The granted patent has a duration of 20 years from the date of presentation. http://stce.us.es/web/es/HTML/PyP/PyP-aptdo1.php

Industrial outreach

  • Andalusian UAS working groups: Organized by CATEC (Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies), these workdays bring together the most important actors of the UAS/RPAS systems in south Spain. Two of them are organized every year. http://www.catec.aero/en
  • AICIA (Andalusian Association For Research & Industrial Cooperation): AICIA is a non-profit association for research associated with the Higher Technical Industrial Engineering School of Seville, aimed at promoting, guiding and developing industrial research in Andalusia, paying special attention to publishing and disseminating scientific results and to improving the professional training of Andalusian engineers. It is nationally and regionally qualified as an Innovation and Technology Centre (CIT). They organize local events for industry developers, so they can contact students and researchers of the university. http://aicia.es/en/


Coronavirus pandemic

Dear TERRINet applicants and future users,

we sincerely hope that you are staying safe in these challenging times that we are facing at the moment. The current emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic has deeply changed our lives. The recent and progressive lock-down forced us to reorganize our working routines in smart working modalities and to shut down the TERRINet infrastructures. Therefore, we regret to inform you that Trans-National Access has been suspended until further notice.

However, we would like to reassure you that we will keep evaluating the proposals submitted for Trans-National Access regularly. Indeed, despite access cannot be allowed for a while, the selected users will be queued and access will take over gradually as soon as the situation will allow it. We also inform you that a special application mechanism has been settled in TERRINet to mitigate the delays that will occur due to the COVID-19.

The Open Call no. 4 is currently open: we are accepting proposals under the new mechanism called "first come, first served". Proposals are directly forwarded to the evaluation panel as soon as they are submitted. Proposals submitted closer to the deadline will be dispatched after that. The deadline for the Open Call n.4 will be on May 31, 2020.

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For any additional questions, please, contact us at info@terrinet.eu

 Let's take this time of the world calming down to plan our future. 

Stay safe.  

TERRINet team