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Imina MiBot

The miBot uses piezo actuators with mobile motion technology that makes the miBot both extremely precise and very easy to control. Diverse micro-tools can be mounted on the miBot tool holder, which makes it particularly well-suited for R&D applications in material science, microelectronics and photonics, whenever in situ physical interactions with the sample are sought. The miBot manipulator is a mobile micro-robot. This means it moves directly over the surface of the base on which a sample lays and has no mounting screws. The manipulator can therefore be pre-positioned by hand, making it very fast to set-up and reconfigure. Moreover, no movements of the miBot manipulator are coupled. It makes it very intuitive to control, significantly reduces the time to achieve complex manipulation, and eliminates the risk of damaging samples.

Possible applications:
  • Fibre and gripper alignment
  • High precision alignment
  • Force measurement
  • Micro robot assembly
  • Small scale mechanical testing

Access information

Corresponding infrastructureImperial College London
The Hamlyn Centre
LocationBessemer Building, Kensington, London SW7, UK
Unit of accessWorking day

Technical specifications

No technical specifications specified.