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Image Bruker SkyScan 1272

Bruker SkyScan 1272

The system can non-destructively visualize up to 209 Megapixel (14450×14450 pixels) virtual slices through objects, more than 2600 such slices after a single scan using newly developed 16Mp and 11Mp X-ray detectors in up to three offset positions. Due to phase-contrast enhancement, object details as small as 0.35um can be detected. The flexible acquisition geometry of the SKYSCAN 1272 scanner is particularly advantageous over intermediate resolution levels, where scans are several times faster (to obtain the same or better image quality) compared to micro-CT systems with a fixed source-detector design. For any sample, which can be up to 75mm in diameter, the system can automatically optimize x-ray energy and energy filtering using a new maintenance-free X-ray source and automatic 6-position filter changer. Large format imaging is supported by multithreaded GPU-accelerated 3D-reconstruction and realistic visualization by surface and volume rendering. The system includes a built-in precision micro positioning stage and can scan samples during compression, tension, cooling or heating.

Possible applications:
  • High-Resolution Small-Scale Imaging
  • Defect identification
  • Quality Control
  • 3D Analysis
  • Small scale object characterisation

Access information

Corresponding infrastructureImperial College London
The Hamlyn Centre
LocationBessemer Building, Kensington, London SW7, UK
Unit of accessWorking day

Technical specifications

No technical specifications specified.