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Image Operation room environment for medical robot prototype

Operation room environment for medical robot prototype

Our operation theatre platform is equipped with various equipment and environment found in operation room specialised in neurosurgery. This platform is equipped with a large number of phantom for simulation of blood vessel, ultrasound and other various body parts and mannequin. Several screen can be used to simulate the feedback that surgeon will get during operation. Various eye tracking system are available for further advanced control and augmented reality applications. Robot control system and haptic devices are available for manipulation study.

Key features:
  • Operation Bed and OR environment
  • Neurosurgery microscope
  • Medical test phantom collection
  • Manipulators for robot control
Possible applications:
  • Test of robotic platform in a realistic environment
  • Optimisation of the visual feedback to future users
  • Augmented reality procedure testing
  • Robot manipulation and haptic feedback testing

Technical specifications

Medical OR devices: Leica Neurosurgery Microscope, Medical light iLED 3, uniport Trumpf system, Operation Bed
Medical Phantom: Precise blood vessel, ultrasound torso, various brain, knee, rectal and other phantom
Manipulation Devices: Omega 7, Sigma 7, Phantom Omni

Access information

Corresponding infrastructure Imperial College London
The Hamlyn Centre

Bessemer Building, Kensington,
London SW7, UK

Unit of access Working day