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Image Motion capture and virtual reality platform

Motion capture and virtual reality platform

This laboratory is equipped with a state of the art multi-camera motion capture system, various devices for virtual reality immersion, and sporting equipment, ideal for testing wearable robots, body sensor networks and life assistance robots.

User studies in a virtual or real environment can be coupled with an EEG measurement system and motion capture in an open space environment.

Key features:
  • High precision and high frequency
  • Multimodal sensor data recordings (16 wireless IMU-EMG sensors)
  • Oculus VR goggles & Kat VR platform
  • EEG cap for brain signal acquisition
Possible applications:
  • Virtual reality
  • Robotic movement recording and analysis
  • Gait analysis
  • Human Motion Analysis

Technical specifications

10*Vicon Vero 2.2 cameras: 2.2MPX@330FPS
1*Vicon Vue camera: 720p@120FPS or 1080p@60FPS
Markers: 50*14mm, 50*9.5mm
Wireless IMU-EMG: 16*10-Channel (1-ch EMG, 9-ch IMU)
g.tec g. Nautilus wet EEG cap: 32 channels, 250 Hz, compatible with LSL
g.tec g.Nautilus dry EEG cap: 16 channels, 250 Hz, compatible with LSL

Access information

Corresponding infrastructure Imperial College London
The Hamlyn Centre

Bessemer Building, Kensington,
London SW7, UK

Unit of access Working day

Additional information

Vicon Vero + Tracker Installation Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QRl2zzwhRk&feature=youtu.be