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IVO is a mobile urban service robot aimed to perform navigation, manipulation and human robot interaction tasks. Navigation is based on a 4 wheel skid steering platform, a front 3D lidar and depth camera and rear 2d lidar. Manipulation is based on two 7 DoF arms with wrist torque force sensors, a 1 DoF gripper and 3 DoF hand-like gripper.It\'s also equipped with a pan and tilt head with a depth camera, microphone and speakers with Tex-To-Speech software and a touchscreen.

Key features:
  • Two 7Dof arms with wriste torque force sensors and grippers
  • Mobile 4 wheeled outdoor platform
  • ROS enabled robot
  • 3D camera and lidar sensors
Possible applications:
  • Navigation
  • Object manipulation
  • Human robot interaction

Technical specifications

No technical specifications specified.

Access information

Corresponding infrastructure Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

C/ Llorens i Artigas 4-6,
08028 Barcelona, Spain

Unit of access Working day