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Outdoor robots

Three rover robots designed and equiped for outdoor navigation– Two robots RMP 400 and 440– One reobot Sterela

Key features:
  • Wireless airport Wi-Fi
  • Several sensors for multisensory perception : lidar, color cameras, stereo-benches, IMU
  • Centimetric GPS localization system
  • Home-grown on-board modular software architecture
Possible applications:
  • Environment exploration, Intervention, research & rescue
  • Site surveillance and monitoring
  • Field Robotics & Agriculture
  • Multi-Robot Collaboration
  • Transportation & Logistics

Technical specifications

Dimension: Length 100cm, Width 70cm, height 130cm
Weight: 100-130kg depending on models
Max speed: 30km/h
Power: LiPo batteries, about 1h autonomy

Access information

Corresponding infrastructure Centre national de la recherche scientifique
The Department of Robotics of LAAS

7 Avenue du Colonel Roche,
31400 Toulouse, France

Unit of access Working day