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Microsurgical Robot

Microsurgical platform is a setup that is originally designed and developed for ophthalmic application but it can be also used for other medical and biological procedures. It could be also used as a training platform for micro-robotic applications. Multidiciplinary team of researchers including engineers; biologists and clinicians can perform their micromanipulation tasks using the platform. Integration of imaging devices and microscopes to the setup enables performing interdiciplinary projects such as image guided micromanipilation.

Key features:
  • Microscopy
  • Haptic Interface
  • Multimodal Communication
  • Light weight: 315g
  • High Precision Motion: 10um
  • Open-access Software Platform
Possible applications:
  • Micromotion Trajectory Planning
  • Image Guided Micromanipulation
  • Micromanipulation

Technical specifications

DoF: 5
Interface: RS232/USB
Power supply: 12V@5A peak
Weight: 315 g
Precision: 10 um
Feedbacks: Sensors / Vision
Input device: Haptics

Access information

Corresponding infrastructure Technical University Munich
Robotics and Embedded Systems

Boltzmannstraße 3,
85748 Garching bei München, Germany

Unit of access Working day