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Image Robotic support/performance measurement

Robotic support/performance measurement

Equipment at the iCub Facility allows evaluating performance of humanoid robots by measuring accurately their movements (10-camera Vicon system) and forces (via a force platform). In addition, for legged humanoids, we have a motorized gantry system that can follow the robot motion in the testing room while keeping the robot tethered for safety (in case of failure).In addition, we have a ”virtualizer” system that together with a sensorized suit and VR system allows experiments in the field of teleoperation of humanoid robots.For walking teleoperation (or ”in place” robot testing) we also have a standard treadmill which offers the possibility of testing walking humanoids on slopes of different degrees. Treadmill

  • Name: Technogym® Jog Forma
  • Running deck: 86 x 210 [cm]
  • Min Speed: 0.4 [Kmh]
  • Max Speed: 18 [Kmh]
  • Slope Selection: 0-15%
  • Computer API: No
Omnidirectional treadmill
  • Name: Cyberith Virtualizer
  • Running deck: diam. 100 [cm]
  • Speed and direction sensors: 6 light sensors arranged on a circle
  • Spin angle: 360 [deg]
  • Heave stroke: 58 to 144 [cm]
  • Computer API: C# / C++
Crane/gantryCartesian robot
  • Manufacturer: Rexroth
  • DoF: 2
  • Workspace: ca 450 x 500 [cm]
Electric hoist
  • Name: Einhell BT EH 250
  • Voltage: 220-230 [V]
  • Power: 500 [W]
  • Max payload: 125 [Kg]
  • Max speed: 8 [m/min]
Motion capture system
  • Name: Vicon
  • Workspace: ca 300 x 200 x 200 [cm]
  • 6 Optical cameras Bonita B10: 250 fps with one megapixel of resolution
  • 1 video camera Bonita 720c: HD at 120 fps
  • Computer API: C++ SDK
Floor lift/force platform

Key features:
  • Vicon Motion capture system
  • Rexroth Crane/gantry (Cartesian robot)
  • Omnidirectional treadmill Cyberith Virtualizer
  • Treadmill Technogym® Jog Forma
  • Floor lift/force platform
  • Electric hoist
Possible applications:
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Walking performance
  • Accurate measurement of robot performance (humanoids especially)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Teleoperation control

Technical specifications

No technical specifications specified.

Access information

Corresponding infrastructure Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia
iCub Facility

Via Morego, 30,
16163 Genova GE, Italy

Unit of access Working day

Additional information

Additional example of applications may be found https://github.com/robotology