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TechMed Simulation and Training Centre

The TechMed Centre’s simulation and training centre offers the latest state of the art simulation technology for research, development and the education of students and professionals in health care. It is used as a large high-tech and safe learning space in which the authentic professional environment is simulated. It fits our high demands for training of Technical Medicine students and other professionals, offering them numerous courses and postgraduate courses, such as: Laparoscopic or Endovascular Interventions, Advanced Life Support, Fundamentals of Ventilation. The TechMed simulation and training centre is one of the Centres of Expertise of the University of Twente. It is used as a ‘beta test site’ by the market leaders in simulation technology and, of course, several scientists of the TechMed Centre carry out their research with the help of advanced technology.

Key features:
  • Wide array of medical imaging modalities including Siemens Acuson US systems, Verasonics US system, Esaote G-scan 0.25T weight bearing MRI system
  • Dedicated pre/debriefing rooms for immediate evaluation of simulation sessions
  • Various medical skill trainers, e.g. Simbionix Bronch Mentor, GI Mentor, AngioMentor, US Mentor, LapSim
  • Fully equipped simulated operating theatre with A/V recording infrastructure
  • Fully equipped intensive care unit including various fully body patient simulators (CAE MetiMan, CAE HPS) with A/V recording infrastructure
Possible applications:
  • Additional example of applications may be found on the SmartXP website

Technical specifications

No technical specifications specified.

Access information

Corresponding infrastructure University of Twente
Department of Robotics

Hallenweg 15,
7522 NH Enschede, Holland

Unit of access Working day