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Image HMI Human media interaction lab facilities

HMI Human media interaction lab facilities

The lab offers extensive utilities for Human Robot Interaction Experimentation and testing in laboratory or in the wild conditions.There are two outfitted lab environments: A smaller (50m2) lab outfitted with virtual reality and tracking facilities as well as the DesignLab:DesignLab (2000m2) is a platform at the University of Twente for multidisciplinary collaboration, innovation and creativity. It connects students, educational staff, researchers, businesses, societal organisations and governments through its Science2Design4Society method. To provide an optimal infrastructure for team-based collaboration and multidisciplinary research and education, DesignLab offers dynamic working spaces in a state-of-the-art facility. The ambition of DesignLab: integrate TeamScience and Design Thinking into education and research, and use scientific insights to build a better tomorrow today. It inclused a maker space, an electronics lab, laser cutting and 3d printing facilities as well as a fully outfitted user lab with control room.

Key features:
  • A flexible behaviour generation engine for virtual agents and robots as well as a virtual/physical environment where remote collaboration with remote co-workers can be realised through VR and robotics.
  • The infrastructure is also supported by various software modules such as emotion recognition from video and voice in the wild/outdoors.
  • Multiple robotic platforms for Human Robot interaction research including Nao, Pepper, Zeno, double and home-developed platforms such as FROG, TERESA, SQUIRREL and R3D3.
Possible applications:
  • Additional example of applications may be found on the SmartXP website

Technical specifications

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Corresponding infrastructure University of Twente
Department of Robotics

Hallenweg 15,
7522 NH Enschede, Holland

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