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Image IRIcar robot

IRIcar robot

The autonomous car is based on a standard golf cart that has been robotized. The robot is capable of carrying up to two adult people in slopes up to 30 degrees.With the information provided by a 32 beams 360º laser range sensor, a 360º camera and a frontal 2D ranger, the autonomous car can navigate in 2D environments taking into account the ackermann constraints.The robot has two safety laser scanners that allow it to safely navigate around people. The robot is not homologated, and it cannot travel with regular traffic.

Key features:
  • Loquendo text-to-speech software with english, spanish and catalan languages
  • Lots of optical sensors
Possible applications:
  • Human robot interaction
  • Autonomous people transportation system
  • 2D navigation with ackermann constraints
  • Teleoperation

Technical specifications

Connectivity:Onboard router for internal network with wi-fi and 3G connectivity
Optical Sensors:One Ladybug 360º degrees camera on top of the car (5 individual cameras)
Battery:High capacity battery for an extended operation time of up to 8 hours.
Maximum payload:180 kg
Dimesions:120 (W) x 250 (L) x 175 (H) cm
Weight:250 kg
Computer:Three industrial onboard computers and an external laptop for monitoring
Software:ROS enabled

Access information

Corresponding infrastructureUniversitat Politècnica de Catalunya
LocationC/ Llorens i Artigas 4-6, 08028 Barcelona, Spain
Unit of accessWorking day