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Image Motion capture arena

Motion capture arena

This facility is a large room (~10x10x5.5 m volume) equipped with an array of Optitrack motion capture cameras and an accompanying software. The system allows to track up to 50 rigid objects with a position error less than 1 mm and with a frame rate of up to 200 fps. The cameras illuminate the scene with IR light so the use of special passive markers on the tracked objects is necessary. Most of the wall surface is covered with protective net. Initially designed for the experiments with flying robots this arena can be used in many other robotic applications. AR drone is available on site for experiments which is equipped with markers and with open source flight controller.

Key features:
  • Recording and/or streaming data over the network
  • Advanced software
  • Fast response (latency < 5 ms)
  • High position accuracy (error <1mm)
  • Suitable for real-time applications
Possible applications:
  • Virtual and augmented reality experiments
  • Flying robots (drones) real-time position and orientation estimation
  • Human or robotic movements recording and analysis

Technical specifications

Number of tracked objects:Up to 50
Position error:< 1 mm
Frame rate:200 fps
Number of cameras:26 on 2 levels
Usable volume:10x10x5.5 m
Data streaming protocol:NatNet

Access information

Corresponding infrastructureÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Laboratory of Intelligent Systems
LocationRoute Cantonale, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
Unit of accessWorking day

Additional information