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Image 3D Printer: EnvisionTEC Ultra 3SP

3D Printer: EnvisionTEC Ultra 3SP

This printer can quickly 3D print highly accurate parts from STL files regardless of the geometric complexity. A single material is used for both build and support. The system uses layerless technology with no stair stepping on inner and outer surfaces. Printing is possible at speeds as high as 10 mm per hour for a full envelope, or 20mm in 2 hours for a full envelope at a 50 micron resolution.

Possible applications:
  • Robotic Part Fabrication
  • Zero assembly mechanism manufacture
  • Multi Material Fabrication
  • Test rig manufacture
  • Prototype manufacture

Access information

Corresponding infrastructureImperial College London
The Hamlyn Centre
LocationBessemer Building, Kensington, London SW7, UK
Unit of accessWorking day

Technical specifications

No technical specifications specified.