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We organize training experience for academic and industrial researchers and students
(master, PhD students and post-doctoral trainees)

TERRINet training experiences

The TERRINet Project is organizing a series of learning experiences for new users delivered through visits to infrastructures, workshops, summer schools and other appropriate mechanisms in a range of topics including for example Robotics, Automation, Machine Vision and Machine Learning.

In general, Summer/Winter Schools will be committed to attract PhD students from all over Europe and all over the world.

Appropriate sessions are identified ensuring that they meet demand rather than simply offered because a set of expertise exists. New users are guided in selecting those modules that best meet their requirements and plan routes for appropriate learning.

The delivery of content is effective and appropriate for the level of study and uses most up to date methods whether web based, blended learning or other techniques are used.

In 2019 the inaugural Summer/Winter School will be organised to hold a focused series of lectures on specific identified topics (not limited to Robotics) on the basis of expressions of interest.

Institutional Expertise from TERRINet Partners

Machine VisionXXXXX
Computer VisionXXXX
Machine LearningXXXXXXXX
Data driven Applications in Autonomous DrivingX
Human Robot InteractionXXXXXXXX
Advanced ControlXXXXXX
Industrial AutomationXXX
Information EngineeringX
Humanoid RoboticsXX
Kinematic measurements using IMUXX
Assisted LivingX
Medical RoboticsXX
Aerial RoboticsXXX
Biomechanics of human locomotionX
Motion Capture SystemXXX
Superficial ElectromyographyX

Available training courses

Click here for more information on the available courses.

Browse through the calendar at the following link to visualize all the courses which is possible to attend.


Coronavirus pandemic

Dear TERRINet applicants and future users,

we sincerely hope that you are staying safe in these challenging times that we are facing at the moment. The current emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic has deeply changed our lives. The recent and progressive lock-down forced us to reorganize our working routines in smart working modalities and to shut down the TERRINet infrastructures. Therefore, we regret to inform you that Trans-National Access has been suspended until further notice.

However, we would like to reassure you that we will keep evaluating the proposals submitted for Trans-National Access regularly. Indeed, despite access cannot be allowed for a while, the selected users will be queued and access will take over gradually as soon as the situation will allow it. We also inform you that a special application mechanism has been settled in TERRINet to mitigate the delays that will occur due to the COVID-19.

The Open Call no. 4 is currently open: we are accepting proposals under the new mechanism called "first come, first served". Proposals are directly forwarded to the evaluation panel as soon as they are submitted. Proposals submitted closer to the deadline will be dispatched after that. The deadline for the Open Call n.4 will be on May 31, 2020.

Do not hesitate! Get this unique opportunity to be granted with fully-covered access (including travel and accommodation costs) to 15 leading European robotics labs and 100+ best robotic platforms and to get in touch with leading robotic experts. 

For any additional questions, please, contact us at info@terrinet.eu

 Let's take this time of the world calming down to plan our future. 

Stay safe.  

TERRINet team