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The NeuiCub platform is composed of an iCub robot controlled through a SpiNNaker neuromorphic board (SpiNN-5). It is meant for neurorobotic experiments that involve detailed brain models implemented with spiking neural networks.The SpiNNaker neuromorphic platform comprises arrays of low-power, parallel custom chips (each containing 18 ARM9 cores) running a digital software simulation of neurons and synapses. The SpiNN-5 board includes 48 processors. The system’s philosophy focuses on large brain simulation and spike communication in real time whilst scaling up to biological scale. A standard SpiNNaker neural model is primarily configured through the provision of the “sPyNNaker” implementation of the Python-based PyNN modeling framework.The version of the iCub humanoid robot available at the BioRobotics Institute is provided with one head that has 6 degrees of freedom (dofs), 3 for eyes and 3 for neck control), two arms (7 dofs each) and one hand (3 dofs for the thumb, 2 for the index, 2 for the middle finger, 1 for the coupled ring and little finger, 1 for the adduction/abduction). The iCub robot available at the BioRobotics Insitute is equipped also with an inertial sensor, two dragonfly cameras and tactile sensors in the hand.

Key features:
  • Touch sensors embedded in the iCub hand
  • Closed-loop mechanisms (data exchange and synchronization) between SpiNNaker board and iCub robot already implemented
  • Simulating up to 200K neurons in the SpiNNaker board
  • YARP interface and iCub control modules available
  • Stereo vision and inertial sensor
Possible applications:
  • Grasping, Manipulation
  • Testing of neuroscienfic models (brain-based controllers)
  • Neuromorphic Control
  • Gaze control
  • Gaze guided manipulation

Technical specifications

Power supply:12V@5A peak for SpiNNaker board
DoFs:9 for the hand
Camera resolution:640×480

Access information

Corresponding infrastructureSchool of Advanced Studies Sant'Anna
The BioRobotics Institute

Viale Rinaldo Piaggio, 34
56025 Pontedera PI, Italy

Unit of accessWorking day

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