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Image COMAU Dual arm robot

COMAU Dual arm robot

The Comau Smart Dual arm robot is a robotic system especially designed to perform assembling tasks. It is based on an innovative humanlike approach, having a sensor based platform and cognitive functions in order to support the assembling process. Its ease of use and the cooperation with humans in the different phases of each task, makes it ideal also for SME applications. Currently a lot of new devices and solution are under development:• Devices for fenceless approach (safety eyes by PILZ, stereocameras)• Vision system for parts recognition• Force torque sensor• Devices for easy programming (gesture and vocals recognition)• A Kinect v2• Festo and Schunk grippers• Integration of C5G open control and ORL libraries.C5G Open is suitable for industrial application that need additional sensors integrated in the system. For this purpose, used hardware parts have to be compliant with the industrials regulations.

Key features:
  • Cognitive features such as skill engines, easy interactive GUI, exception handling, human robot – interaction
  • Smart Dual Arm with C5G open controller
  • Sensor-fusion data for complex assembling tasks
  • Human-robot interaction for intuitive process definition, based on manufacturing process models and sensor data
  • Fenceless approach using safety sensors
  • Multifunctional equipment on board (tool changer, grippers, nutrunner)
Possible applications:
  • Mechanical parts handling
  • Gear box assembling
  • Hydraulic pump assembling
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Sewing machine disassembling

Technical specifications

Synchronization: Syncmove (timing synchronization) among the two Arms and Torso
Arms: 2 anthropomorphous Arms with 6 axes
Other: 1 positioner arm for the TORSO (1 axis)
Payload: 10 kg payload per arm (tot: 20kg)
Controlling: A total of 13 axes managed by the same C5G controller unit

Access information

Corresponding infrastructure School of Advanced Studies Sant'Anna
The BioRobotics Institute

Viale Rinaldo Piaggio, 34
56025 Pontedera PI, Italy

Unit of access Working day

Access history

SaITA - DAR - Associate professor
Marek Vagaš

Project objectives lie mainly at the developing of skilled and innovative training approach in dual arm robotics - and also for automation as a whole to increase SMEs growth, a better employability, and promotion of the entrepreneurship and acquiring of student´s rare experiences. Orientation at selected priorities is based on context of education 4.0 and relevant actual needs from entrepreneurs, who want to develop their potential SMEs employees as well as from students, who want to improve their qualification. Current graduates are insufficiently prepared for these new robotic challenges, say a lot of skilled robotic developers and integrators.

Implementation of dual arm robots into the automated workplaces for their use at high-performance industrial environments still continuously grow up, and make it still more available for innovative customized solutions. Also, these reasons lead us to the focus and closer look at COMAU robotic system as flexible system and customized motion algorithms. Project will increase level of education in the field of dual arm robotics (at one side) together with sharing and verifying of obtained skills between other professionals and SME employees that are a key for realization of advanced automated solutions (at another side). Project results lays (inter alia) in obtaining of relevant knowledge level at selected COMAU robotic system, skills with its operation and expecting of familiarity and principles for implementation into the automated workplaces that can be permanently used during cooperation with companies and teaching processes itself.

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