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Image Haption Virtuose 6D

Haption Virtuose 6D

The Virtuose 6D is the only product on the market combining a high force feedback in the 6 degrees of freedom with a large workspace. The Virtuose 6D is especially suited for scale one manipulations virtual and distant (robotic control). It is also used as a co-manipulation medical robot and in rehabilitation applications. Its handle has 3 buttons (2 programmable), and is replaceable through our tool changer. You can for instance use it with 3D printed objects.This product is available in a High Force Version, for applications in need of a very high level of force feedback.

Key features:
  • Number of buttons: 3 (2 programmable)
  • Continuous force (translation): 9.5N
  • Maximum force (translation): 35N
  • Maximum torque (rotation): 3.1 N.m
  • Continuous torque (rotation): 1N.m
  • Maximum control stiffness (translation): from 1800 N/m to 8000N/m
  • Maximum control stiffness (rotation): 30 N.m/rad
  • Weight balancing: Static (mechanical, with springs)
  • Replaceable handle: Yes, through our tool changer
Possible applications:
  • Co-manipulation
  • Medical training
  • Industrial simulation
  • Virtual Reality
  • Virtual and distant manipulations (robotic control)
  • Rehabilitation
  • Medical robotics

Technical specifications

DoF: 6
Maximum force: 35N
Maximum torque (rotation): 3.1Nm

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