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Space53 builds the tools and facilities to evolve unmanned systems technology into concepts that create societal and economic impact based on Technology Readiness, Economic Readiness (economic or societal business case) and Societal Readiness (ethics, legal, society).Space53 offers testing and training facilities and proper legal and procedural conditions for the safe and legal testing of unmanned aerial systems in a fully structured environment (lab), a fully unstructured environment (real life) and all gradual steps in between. Space53 has access to large enclosed structures, a 3 km runway with airspace and several experimental zones in industrial and urban environments.Space53 has a close collaboration with S/park. S/park is the open innovation center located at Nouryons’ former production site in Deventer, the Netherlands. At the S/park site there are many interesting assets (tanks, installations, factories etc) available that can be used for validation, demonstrations of new technologies like robots/drones for inspections, safety solutions, virtual reality etc.

Key features:
  • Fenced, protected area
  • Access to simulated and real urban and industrial areas for experiments
  • Indoor testing area up to 10.000 m2
  • Airstrip 3 km long for fixed wing UAVs
  • Outdoor testing area 220 ha
  • Fully licensed and legally responsible operator available
  • Offices and technical workspaces at walking distance
Possible applications:
  • Testing experimental UAVs and other unmanned vehicles outdoor
  • Experimenting with the application of unmanned systems in a simulated or real life urban or industrial environment
  • Testing experimental UAVs and other unmanned vehicles in a protected indoor environment

Technical specifications

No technical specifications specified.

Access information

Corresponding infrastructure University of Twente
Department of Robotics

Hallenweg 15,
7522 NH Enschede, Holland

Unit of access Working day

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