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A commercial 4×4 gasoline Bobcat 2200 vehicle. Modified to remotely control speed and turn. It has a 2D lidar installed and, thanks to the big size of the system, no weight restriction for the payload. It can operate in any kind of environment.

Key features:
  • Autopilot: Pixhawk
  • Payload: 363kg
  • Speed: 40km/h
  • Length: 317cm
  • Weight: 639.6kg
Possible applications:
  • Autonomous path following and creation
  • Mapping of zones
  • Exploration of difficult access terrain
  • Transport of tools and aerial robots
  • Object following

Technical specifications

Speed: 40km/h
Payload: 363kg
Power supply: Gas
Endurance: 30 minutes
Weight: 639.6kg
Autopilot: Pixhawk
Embedded sensor: 2D Lidar

Access information

Corresponding infrastructure Universidad de Sevilla
Robotics, Vision and Control Group

Camino de los Descubrimientos,
41092 Sevilla, Spain

Unit of access Working day

Access history

FPGA SLAM 2D Lidar - The event camera and 3D lidar based LOAM-BOR SLAM sensor fusion system
Yuhong Fu

We make a system to collect data from a 16-lines 3D lidar with the event camera. In order to make them work together, we should build a special system.

It would greatly increase the accuracy also with the enormous power consumption. We need further research.