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Image DJI Matrice 600

DJI Matrice 600

The Matrice 600 (M600) is a flying platform designed for professional aerial photography and industrial applications. It is built to closely integrate with a host of powerful DJI technologies, including the A3 flight controller, Lightbridge 2 transmissionsystem, Intelligent Batteries and Battery Management system, for maximum performance and quick setup.This excellent features make it capable of use self-designed robotic arms as payload.

Key features:
  • Dimensions: 1668mmx1518mmx759mm
  • 30 minutes endurance
  • Weight: 9.1kg +6kg extra payload
  • Foldable
  • Max Transmitting Distance: 5km
Possible applications:
  • Multipurpose aerial cooperation for structure assemble
  • Object grabbing in inaccessible locations
  • Use of tools for aerial repairs
  • Obstacles detection and removal
  • Load transportation

Technical specifications

Endurance: 30 minutes
Speed: 18 m/s
Altitude: 2500m
Power supply: Six TB48S batteries
Interface: DJI
Weight: 9.1kg
Operating temperature: -10 ºC – 40ºC

Access information

Corresponding infrastructure Universidad de Sevilla
Robotics, Vision and Control Group

Camino de los Descubrimientos,
41092 Sevilla, Spain

Unit of access Working day