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Image MBZIRC Hexarotor

MBZIRC Hexarotor

Self-designed hexarotor, controlled with a Pixhawk (Px4) autopilot. An intel Nuc (I5) is also embedded for more computational capability. It works with ROS and it can be simulated with Gazebo. Payload includes among others: laser sensors, GPS, stereo camera and an electromagnet. Self-designed robotics arms are also used in this platform. This provides a multitask aerial robot.

Key features:
  • MTOW: 10kg
  • Embedded sensors
  • 2 radio links for communications (Ubiquiti)
  • Endurance: 12 minutes
  • Weight: 6 kg, 7.5 kg with arms
  • Max speed: 5m/s Horizontal, 2m/s Vertical
Possible applications:
  • Multipurpose aerial cooperation for structure assemble
  • Object grabbing in inaccessible locations
  • Use of tools for aerial repairs
  • Obstacles detection and removal
  • Load transportation

Technical specifications

Degrees of freedom for the robotic arm:6
Average speed:2m/s Horizontal, 1m/s Vertical
Altitude:20m (software limit)
Power supply:6S LiPo
Autopilot:Pixhawk (PX4)

Access information

Corresponding infrastructureUniversidad de Sevilla
Robotics, Vision and Control Group
LocationCamino de los Descubrimientos, 41092 Sevilla, Spain
Unit of accessWorking day