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Oncilla is a compliant, quadruped robot developed during the FP7 European project AMARSi (Adaptive Modular Architectures for Rich Motor Skills, project start March 2010, project duration 48 months, 4 Oncilla copies build and distributed, 2 remain at BIOROB). The goal of the AMARSi project was to improve richness of robotic motor skills. Oncilla is a highly sensorized robot with panthographic legs (ASLP legs) as well as an abduction/adduction (AA) mechanism. The sensorization features encoders on each joint and motor, IMU as well as new ground contact sensors in the feet (3d force-sensors). The research done with the BIOROB team focuses around closed loop rough terrain locomotion and richer motor behaviors through a combination of CPG’s and reflexes.

Key features:
  • Load sensors, IMU
  • On-board power supply
  • Closed-loop control with joint position and inverse kinematics
  • Different actuator architecture using Brushlessh DC motors and custom electronics
  • Possibility of up to 500g payload
Possible applications:
  • Exploring different neural networks inspired by animals
  • Platform for sensor carrier, such as camera
  • Animal gait exploration
  • Researching different feet or legs designs
  • Search and Rescue

Technical specifications

lhip, standing height:0.201m
Mactuators+electr, sum:2.845 kg
Mrobot:5.05 kg
Active degrees of freedom:12
Gait type:trot/ bound/ walk
Body lengths per second:2.7
Froude number FR (v^2/G/lhip):0.18
Maximum speed, vmax:0.6 m/s
RC servo motor:Kondo KRS2350 ICS (4x), Maxon 90 BLDC (8x)
Control board:RoBoard RB110
Power supply, tethered:10V to 12V

Access information

Corresponding infrastructureÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
BioRobotics Lab
LocationRoute Cantonale, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
Unit of accessWorking day