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Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL) is the most comprehensive academic centre for multi-disciplinary robotics research in the UK. It is a collaborative partnership between the University of the West of England and the University of Bristol, and home to a vibrant community of over 200 academics, researchers and industry practitioners. Together, they are world leaders in current thinking on service robotics, intelligent autonomous systems and bio-engineering. An internationally recognized Centre of Excellence in Robotics, BRL’s state-of- the-art facilities cover an area of over 4,600 sq. metres. BRL houses around 200 people engaged on a range of robotics research and development projects. Currently seventeen themes form the key areas of work. These include: Aerial robots, Assisted Living, Bioenergy & Self Sustainable, Biomimetic and neuro-robotics, Control for HRI, Medical robotics, Nonlinear control in robotics, Robot vision, Safe human robot interaction, Self-repairing robotic systems, Smart automation, Soft robotics, Swarm robotics, Unconventional computation, Verification & validation. BRL is equipped with a number of robots ranging from a traditional 60kg payload KUKA KR60 to two twin arm YUMIs and a number of Universal robots and KUKA Light weight arms. There is also a machine shop and a 3D printing facility with a number of machines. The laboratory includes a machine vision group and has significant projects in the area of autonomous vehicles. The comprehensively equipped indoors flying arena if one of the largest in Europe.

Available platforms
Image ABB IRB 120


Flexible 6-axis industrial robot, with a payload of 3 kg, designed specifically for manufacturing industries that use robot-based automation. 3 robots available, with compact IRC5, RobotWare and RobotStudio available. 3D camera available for bin picking and part location. Flexible and with high speed. The presence of a cage or additional safety systems is required. High repeatability and speed, medium-low load capacity. 16/16 I/Os with 24V, 1 A power supply, and 5 MPa pneumatic air supply.

Image SoftBank Robotics NAO

SoftBank Robotics NAO

An autonomous, programmable humanoid robot, featuring an inertial measurement unit with accelerometer, gyrometer and four ultrasonic sensors.Force-sensing resistors on legs for adaptive walking.Microphones, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, 2 cameras with face detection.Linux-based operating system. Compatible with the Microsoft Robotics Studio, Cyberbotics Webots, and the Gostai URBI Studio.

Image BRL – Flying Arena

BRL – Flying Arena

BRL facilities include two Flying Arenas.The Large Flying Arena covers an area of 182 sqm and the Small an area of 106 sqm. The Large Flying Arena is equipped with an Infrared Motion Tracking System and an overhead camera.

Image PAL Robotics Tiago

PAL Robotics Tiago

Service robot on mobile base, designed to work in indoor environments.Laser range-finder and mapping and localization in unstructured indoor environments. People aware multi-sensor navigation. Obstacle avoidance.Front RGB-D camera for object recognition and pose estimation, face detection & recognition, people detection.Multilanguage text-to-speech & speech recognition. Remote control with tablet. Telepresence and teleoperation.Pick & place with grasping and dexterous 7 DoF manipulator, with lead-through and force sensing.Interchangeable end-effector with force-torque sensing.Large workspace: from ground level to 1.5 m