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ARMAR-6 is a collaborative humanoid robot assistant for industrial environments. Designed to recognize the need of help and to allow for an easy and safe human-robot interaction, the robot’s comprehensive sensor setup includes various camera systems, torque sensors and systems for speech recognition. The dual arm system combines human-like kinematics with a payload of 10 kg which allows for dexterous and high-performant dual arm manipulation. In combination with its telescopic torso joint and a pair of underactuated five-finger hands, ARMAR-6 is able to grasp objects on the floor as well as to work in a height of 240 cm. The mobile platform includes holonomic wheels, battery packs and four high-end PCs for autonomous on-board data processing.The software architecture is implemented in ArmarX (https://armarx.humanoids.kit.edu). High-level functionality, like object localization, navigation, grasping and planning are already implemented and available.

Platform presentation
Key features:
  • Holonomic movement of the mobile platform
  • Various control modes enable the execution of precise and torque/force-controlled motions
  • Dexterous arm system with 2×8 DoF for dual arm manipulation
  • Limitless rotation in shoulder, upper arm and forearm
  • Control architecture with memory and attention system
  • Underactuated five-finger hands
Possible applications:
  • AI: symbolic planning and execution monitoring
  • Cognitive robotics: learning multimodal representations, affordances
  • Physical human-robot interaction
  • Semantic scene understanding and affordance extraction
  • Task space impedance control
  • Gravity compensated torque control
  • Dual arm manipulation
  • Force and torque based control and interaction
  • Natural speech dialog
  • Human-robot interaction
  • Vision-based grasping and deep learning for grasping
  • Imitation Learning, Programming by demonstration

Technical specifications

Arm range:130 cm
Total Weight:160 kg (without battery packs)
Arm span width:310 cm
Payload (single arm):10 kg (long range), 14 kg (mid range)
Computers:4 high-end PCs, 1 GPU
Robotic Framework:ArmarX (previous framework MCA)
Total Height:192 cm
Software:ArmarX (https://www.armarx.humanoids.kit.edu)
Working height:0 – 240 cm
Platform speed:1 m/s
Bus system:CAN-Bus (CANopen)

Access information

Corresponding infrastructureKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Institute of Anthropomatics and Robotics - High Performance Humanoid Technologies Lab (IAR H2T)

Adenauerring 2,
76131 Karlsruhe,

Unit of accessWorking day

Additional information

ArmarX: https://armarx.humanoids.kit.edu

Additional Information: Available here and here.