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Indoor robots

Several models of indoor robot for navigation or manipulation equiped with specific sensors and motor capabilities.Models

  • 2 PR2 robots
  • 1 Pepper
  • 2 Kuka arms
  • 1 wheeled platform for multisensory perception (binaural audio + vision)

Possible applications:
  • Robot teammate, cobotics, factory of the future
  • Human-Robot Interaction, Robot Companion
  • Motion Planning, task planning, navigation, sensor-based control
  • Logistics
  • Monitoring, assistance in public areas

Technical specifications

Kuka arms: LWR4 7DOF
PR2: Mobile Dual arm interaction robot by Willow Garage
Pepper: Wheeled human-like interaction robot

Access information

Corresponding infrastructure Centre national de la recherche scientifique
The Department of Robotics of LAAS

7 Avenue du Colonel Roche,
31400 Toulouse, France

Unit of access Working day

Additional information

Additional example of applications may be found here https://www.laas.fr/public/en/robots-platform