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Image Aerial Robots in a flight arena

Aerial Robots in a flight arena

Several models of flying robots, as quadrotors and hexarotors aerial robots, in a delimited flight arena of 6mx4mx5m (l,w,h) enclosed by a protective net. The ground is covered by protective mattresses. The arena is equipped with a motion capture system.

Key features:
  • ground covered by protective mattresses
  • 6m length × 4m width × 5m height flying secure area enclosed by a protective net
  • 9 infrared cameras for motion tracking
Possible applications:
  • Aerial Manipulation
  • Monitoring and mapping
  • Aerial transportation
  • Multi-robot planning and control
  • Aerial Inspection

Access information

Corresponding infrastructureCentre national de la recherche scientifique
The Department of Robotics of LAAS
Location7 Avenue du Colonel Roche, 31400 Toulouse, France
Unit of accessWorking day

Technical specifications

Hexa-rotors:Number: 2, Mass: 2 Kg ,Diameter: 115cm, Fully Actuated
Quad-rotors:Number: 4, Mass: 1.3 Kg, Diameter: 75cm