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The humanoid robot ARMAR-III has been designed to help in the Kitchen, e.g. bring objects from the fridge and fill the dishwasher. It has a total of 43 DoF. A mobile platform equipped with three laser scanners allows the robot to navigate the kitchen environment. The arms have 7 DoF each with 8 DoF five fingered hands. A force-torque sensor is available in each wrist. ARMAR-III uses the Karlsruhe Humanoid Head with 7 DoF. For vision, four digital cameras are integrated into the head. Each eye has a wide-angle and narrow-angle camera for peripheral and foveal vision, respectively. There are four PCs inside the mobile base, which run Linux as their operating system. The robot software was originally written in MCA but can also be controlled via the newer ArmarX framework (https://armarx.humanoids.kit.edu). High-level functionality, like object localization, navigation, grasping and planning are already implemented and available.

Key features:
  • Active head with foveated vision
  • 5-finger pneumatically actuated hands
  • Force-control for contact detection
  • Advanced grasping and manipulation
  • Integrated humanoid robot system
  • Control architecture with memory and attention system
Possible applications:
  • Manufacturing tasks involving carrying heavy loads

Access information

Corresponding infrastructureKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
High Performance Humanoid Technologies Lab (H²T)
LocationAdenauerring 2, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany
Unit of accessWorking day

Technical specifications

Computers:4 PCs inside (1 PC for external control)
Force-torque sensors:Two 6D force torque sensors from ATI Industiral Automation at the wrists
Laser Range-Finders:Three Hokuyo scanners of type URG-X003S in the mobile base
Depth Cameras:Asus Xtion Pro (RGB-D, 640×480@30PFS)
Color cameras:Point Grey Research Dragonfly (RGB, 640×480@30FPS, Stereo calibrated)
Motors:DC, Harmonic Drives
Total Weight:140kg
OS:Ubuntu Linux 14.04
Robotic Framework:ArmarX (previous framework MCA)
Network:Gigabit Ethernet (WLAN for plugless operation)
Bus system:EtherCAT (100Mbit/s)

Additional information

ArmarX: https://www.armarx.humanoids.kit.eduAdditional Information available herehere and here.