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Image KIT Prosthetic Hand

KIT Prosthetic Hand

A five-finger 3D printed hand prosthesis with an underactuated mechanism, sensors and embedded control system. It has an integrated RGB camera in the base of the palm and a colour display in the back of the hand. All functional components are integrated into the hand, dimensioned according to a 50th percentile male human hand. Accessible via a simple communication interface (serial interface directly or via Bluetooth) or controllable via buttons. Camera and display allow for studies on vision-based semi-autonomous grasping and user feedback in prosthetics. As a stand-alone device the hand allows easy usage in different environments and settings.

Key features:
  • Serial communication and Bluetooth low energy
  • RGB camera and OLED colour display
  • Fast, integrated microprocessor (216 MHz)
  • Adaptive, compliant grasping behaviour
  • I²C interfaces for additional sensors
Possible applications:
  • Sensor application and sensor fusion
  • Semi-autonomous control
  • Prosthetics
  • Grasping and Manipulation
  • Prosthetic user feedback

Technical specifications

Processor: ARM Cortex M7
Full finger flexion speed: 1.3s
Finger force: 7.5 – 11.8 N
Hook grasp force: 120 N
Power supply: 12V, 2A peak
Interface: serial / Bluetooth LE
DoA: 2
Camera: 1.2 MP RGB
Display: OLED colored

Access information

Corresponding infrastructure Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Institute of Anthropomatics and Robotics - High Performance Humanoid Technologies Lab (IAR H2T)

Adenauerring 2,
76131 Karlsruhe,

Unit of access Working day

Additional information

Additional Information available here.